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We create a unique process for each client to ensure that business objectives are met, success is achieved and users are happy.


We are the creator of all league of legends accounts. Vpn's are always used. Close to the league of legends server area!

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After your payment is received you instantly get your league of legends account information through email

Solid support

With LeagueSmurfs you get a five star customer support. Free lifetime support for all your league of legends accounts.

Multiple supported servers

LeagueSmurfs creates league of legends accounts for multiple league of legends servers to reach a worldwide customer base.

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A fresh unranked league of legends account

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    Time consuming

    approximately leveling a league of legends account from 1-30 takes the average gamer 60 days. Save yourself some time and start at level 30 right away.

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    Fresh start

    Are you stuck in your current elo? You can start a new ranked adventure with a fresh league of legends account ready for you to climb the ladder!

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    'Chill back' account

    Try out new champions, rune set and/or strategies but you do not want to try it on your main league of legends account? A smurf is the prefect solution to experiment with the game!

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